Best Purple Kitchen Colander – Stainless Steel, Silicone, Plastic

top 10 best purple kitchen colander strainer reviews


Who would have thought that there would be so many choices for a purple kitchen colander strainer! Color options are purple, plum or lavender, and you can select stainless steel, silicone or plastic materials.  These colander strainers are great as gifts or to buy for yourself.


I found this beautiful photo over at Pinterest and who would have thought to use a purple colander as part of a center piece on the table?  Simple elegance.  Rustic look of eggplant, grapes and light purple flowers.  I could sit down that that table and talk all day long to my friends :)


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Metal and Hard Plastic Purple Colanders

Reston Lloyd 5 Quart Colander, PlumReston Lloyd 5 Quart Colander, PlumCheck PriceCalypso Basics, 1-Quart powder coated Colander, PurpleCalypso Basics, 1-Quart powder coated Colander, PurpleCheck PriceCulinary Elements Mini Colander with Handle, PurpleCulinary Elements Mini Colander with Handle, PurpleCheck PriceKoziol Palsby Colander, Solid PlumKoziol Palsby Colander, Solid PlumCheck PriceJoseph Joseph Small Square Colander, EggplantJoseph Joseph Small Square Colander, EggplantCheck Price

Collapsible Purple Colander / Strainers

Dexas Collapsible POP Silicone ColanderPurpleDexas Collapsible POP Silicone ColanderPurpleCheck PriceDexas Collapsible POP Silicone ColanderDexas Collapsible POP Silicone ColanderCheck PriceRosle 16127 10-Inch Collapsible Colander, PurpleRosle 16127 10-Inch Collapsible Colander, PurpleCheck PriceThick AGORA Silicone Purple ColandersThick AGORA Silicone Purple ColandersCheck PriceCharles Viancin Silicone Cabbage Colander and Steamer, PurpleCharles Viancin Silicone Cabbage Colander and Steamer, PurpleCheck Price


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